CAL FIRE Station 14 - Burney

Burney CAL FIRE Station 14 is located just east of the town of Burney, in the small community of Johnson Park. The first Burney Forest Fire Station was built in the 1940s.  The current station was constructed in 1952 as the Shasta Trinity Ranger Unit Battalion 1 Headquarters. 

The Burney Cal Fire station protects over 160,000 acres of Private, State and Federal land.  The station is open seasonally, from mid May until late October. At peak summer staffing station 14 has two type three engines, one initial attack bulldozer, one Forester 1 and one Battalion Chief.  Station 14 also responds to non wildfire emergencies in the communities of Cassel, Hat Creek, Old Station, Big Bend, Dana, Soldier Mountain and Montgomery Creek to assist the Volunteer Firefighters and provides mutual aid to the Burney, Fall River and McArthur Fire Districts. 

In the years between 1981 – 1998 Station 14 was open 24 hours a day year around through an amador agreement with the Shasta County Fire Department to provide additional staffing in Northeastern Shasta County. 



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