SCFD Company 10 - Cassel

Company 10 is led by Volunteer Chief Don Chaix and has a total of nine Volunteer Firefighters, of which five are EMT-1’s.  This past year, the company raised approximately $10,000.00 with fundraisers.  Volunteers and the public donated over 2,000 hours to their fundraising events which included a Fisherman’s Breakfast, Memorial Day Barbeque, various dinners, and a Christmas Craft Sale. 

In 2010, Company 10 (with assistance from the Cassel Volunteer Fire Company INC.) was able to obtain a new Type 3 Wildland Fire Engine through a FEMA "Assistance to Firefighters" grant.  Company 10 also received a new Transport-Capable Rescue in 2010. 

Company 10 responded to 59 calls last year. 

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