CAL FIRE Station 74 - Diddy Wells

Diddy Wells Forest Fire Station was originally located here in 1947 off the old state highway.  The current Diddy Wells, Station 74 was built in 1970 and remains virtually unchanged except for interior updates and technological advances.  It was a two-engine fire station until 1992 when the second engine was reassigned to Shasta (Station 58).  Station 74 is a seasonally funded station and is normally staffed 24/7 from mid May to November.  Station 74 is the Battalion 2 headquarters.  It houses the office of Battalion 2412, Engine 2485, Reserve Engine 2478, Transport/Dozer 2440, and utility 2452. Total staffing levels for the station are two Fire Captains, one relief Fire Captain, seven Firefighters, and two Heavy Equipment Operators.

Station 74 is located at the 1200' level on the western front country of the Cascade Mountains.  It lies at the timberline with an initial response area of grass, brush and timber fuel types.  This station responds to all emergencies to include vegetation and structural fires, medical aids, vehicle and highway emergencies to include fires, traffic accidents, Haz Mats and to various incidents of public service.  The initial attack response areas for our station are the areas of Bella Vista, Palo Cedro, Shasta College, Jones Valley, Oak Run, Montgomery Creek and Round Mountain.  Station 74 works consistently with units from the Shasta County Fire Department, Redding Fire Department, Shasta Trinity National Forest, Mercy, Shasta Regional and AMR life support units, Shasta County Sheriff's Office, CHP and Cal Trans.




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