SCFD Company 20 - Shingletown


Company 20 is led by Volunteer Chief Justin Tavalero.  There are currently nine active volunteers, with an additional three new recruit candidates. The company is actively seeking additional recruits.

The company maintains and utilizes two Type I / II structure fire engines, one Type III wildland fire engine, two Type I 3000 gallon water tenders, and three rescues (all housed at three locations along Shingletown Ridge). The first station is located on Bambi Drive in Shasta Forest Village. The second station is located on Highway 44 near Alward Way, and the third station is on Starlite Drive in the Starlite Pines Subdivision.

The volunteer firefighters have participated in hundreds of hours of training to improve their skills, thus better serving the community. Company 20 personnel responded to 474 incidents in 2011.


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