SCFD Whitmore - Company 31


Company 31 is led by Volunteer Chief Bill Ellis. There are currently ten active volunteers, which is down slightly from last year. They continue to actively seek new recruits.

The company maintains and utilizes one Type II structure fire engine, one Type III wildland fire engine, two Type II 2000 gallon water tenders, and one rescue. To better house this equipment, the county completed a $200,000, 2-bay apparatus building in 2011. Prior to this addition, apparatus had to be kept outside and exposed to the elements.

The company has spent hundreds of hours training, this past year, to improve their skills and better serve the community. Their current goal is to have all volunteers trained to qualify for a certified Firefighter's Driver's License to drive all company fire apparatus.

Through fund raising activity, the company was able to recently purchase a utility pick-up. Company 31 volunteers responded to 58 incidents in 2011.

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