CAL FIRE Whitmore - Station 35


Whitmore Forest Fire Station (FFS) is located at the intersection of Ponderosa Way and Whitmore Road in Eastern Shasta County. The station sits on a 14 acre parcel and at an elevation of 2340 ft.

The station was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1933. Though the work crews were supervised by the California Division of Forestry, the camp was operated by the CCC. The camp operated a sawmill and pole treatment plant and in August 1940 the CCC founded Whitmore College to provide educational opportunities to the camp residents. The work crews were routinely assigned projects to build fire breaks and roads. In 1942 the CCC was dissolved. Prior to leaving the facility many of the structures were demolished or removed.

After the CCC closed their operation at Whitmore Camp the California Youth Authority occupied and operated the facility in conjunction with the California Division of Forestry in the 1950s.

Whitmore FFS currently houses 2 CAL FIRE engines and crew members.  There are several of the original structures still located at the facility. The station can sleep and feed up to 40 people and is used regularly for Shasta- Trinity Unit Training, and on several occasions Region Training has been conducted at the facility.

Historically the area surrounding the community of Whitmore has experienced numerous large fires, during which Whitmore FFS was used as an Incident Base and Staging Area in support of these incidents.


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