Safety Bureau


The CAL FIRE/SCFD Safety Committee shall serve as an advocate for optimal employee health and safety. The committee's goal is a reduction in the frequency and severity of workplace accidents, injury, and illness through research, education, prevention, and attitude.


The goal of the Safety Committee is to support the Department's Injury and Illness Prevention Program to reduce the frequency and severity of occupational illnesses and injuries.

    Members will set an example of safe work practices and attitudes during every aspect of their own employment.

    Members will be a proactive voice for change within the Unit through early identification of injury and illness trends.

    Members will provide current, accurate safety related information to all Unit & County Fire employees.



Article I: Objectives

Section 1. Protect the lives and physical well-being of all employees, visitors and guests.

Section 2. Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

Section 3. Actively reduce the frequency and severity of occupational illnesses and injuries, and to annually reduce the incidence of injury in one or more reporting categories.

Section 4. Identify, evaluate, and abate work place hazards and initiate reasonable solutions to eliminate or control them before they contribute to personal injury.

Section 5. Reinforce and develop safe employee attitudes and behavior.

Section 6. Provide guidance, assistance and support to the Department's Safety and Health Program, and to comply with the Labor Code 6401.7 and California Code of Regulations Title 8 General Industry Safety Order Section 3203, Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Section 7. Membership is a conduit to the field.


Article II: Membership

Section 1. The following individuals and or position classifications are members of this Safety and Health Committee.

2.1.1. Unit Safety Coordinator/Division Chief

2.1.2. Chairman Safety Committee/Battalion Chief/Unit Safety Officer

2.1.3. Vice Chair County Fire Training Officer

2.1.4. Resource Management

2.1.5. Fire Captain A

2.1.6. Fire Captain B

2.1.7. Schedule A Fire Captain or Fire Apparatus Engineer

2.1.8. E.C.C. Representative/Prevention – HQ Uniformed

2.1.9. Heavy Fire Equipment Operator

2.1.10. Office Technician/Secretary – County or State

2.1.11. FLO

2.1.12. County Parts/Store Keeper

2.1.13. Fire Apparatus Engineer

2.1.14. County Volunteer Firefighter

2.1.15. County Volunteer Fire Officer

2.1.16. Redding Air Attack

Section 2. Members shall serve for a two year term or as deemed necessary by management. Membership will be reevaluated on even years for continuity purposes.

Section 3. Duties

2.3.1. A Division Chief shall be the Unit & County Fire Safety Coordinator, and shall coordinate with Unit Senior Officers, also point of contact for Statewide Safety Officer.

2.3.2. A Battalion Chief shall be the Safety Committee Chairman. Shall prepare agenda, set and chair meetings.

2.3.3. Vice Chairman shall be the County Fire Training Officer. Shall facilitate meeting in absence of Chairman. The County Fire Training Officer will represent the Committee on the Shasta County Safety Committee.

2.3.4. Office Technician shall be the Secretary. Shall be depository for Safety Bulletin information, and will finalize and format Safety Bulletin. Will disseminate monthly Safety Bulletin and meeting minutes.

2.3.5. All members shall provide input into matters of concern to the committee and shall be involved in all analysis, recommendations and problem solutions.

 Section 4. Meetings

2.4.1. Changes in committee membership shall occur at the first meeting held immediately after the end of the annual wildland fire season but not later than December 10th of each year.

2.4.2. At a minimum quarterly meetings shall be held to review accident reports, discuss ongoing committee business and discuss new safety issues. During peak fire season meetings shall be held when necessary to address problems that arise.

2.4.3. Meetings are open to attendance by all employees.

 Section 5. Committee Actions

2.5.1. All actions of the committee shall be conducted on behalf of the Unit Chief/County Fire Warden and shall be subject to review by the Unit Chief/County Fire Warden or his/her designee.

 Section 6. Sub-Committee

2.6.1. The Chairman, with agreement of the committee, shall appoint sub-committees to study specific matters and prepare recommendations for submission to the general membership.


Article III: Committee Responsibilities

3.1.1. Review accident reports and data to make recommendations to management for reducing the accident and injury rate.

3.1.2. Review safety related policies and procedures and make recommendations to management.

3.1.3. Make recommendations based on laws, regulations and department needs for improving or changing personal protective equipment used by employees.

3.1.4. Establish long range goals for the Safety and Health Programs at the County, Unit, State and Region levels.

3.1.5. Review and disseminate safety information to all employees through the monthly Safety Bulletin.

3.1.6. Exchange ideas to improve methods of operation.

3.1.7. Establish guidelines and programs for safety education and training.

3.1.8. Define major hazards and recommend corrective action. Develop tracking process for hazardous conditions to determine if the correction is adequate and properly applied.

3.1.9. Review and update Vehicle Safety Packets by March meeting each year.

3.1.10. Provide for the maintenance of records, correspondence and related documents.

3.1.11. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Safety and Health Program.


Article IV: Safety Awards

Section 1. Upon recommendation of any member and adoption by two-thirds vote of the membership, awards for particular safety activities may be created and presented on behalf of the Unit.


Article V: Changes

Section 1. Additions and/or deletions to the bylaws shall require a two-thirds majority vote of members present. Bylaws will be evaluated and updated yearly.


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