Safety Topics

Attachment Date Added
 CDF Air to Ground Update  05/20/2013
 Hazard Tree Safety   
 Use of Mobile Video Devices  
 2012 Federal Air-to-Ground Frequency Changes  
 Your Diet and Heat Illness   
 PPE Capabilities and Limitations 101   
 Field Accountability and Personnel Safety in the Wildland   
 Weevil-Cide use in Marijuana Gardens   
 Lyme Disease  
 Marijuana Chemicals Excerpt  
 Pesticide Detail  
 Subset of Marijuana Grow Site Pictures  
 Heat Illness Prevention   
 Hydration Chart  
 Hydration Pocket Card  
 S501 Goggles Advisory   
 Battery Advisiory  
 Heat Illness and Wildland Firefighter  

Safety Videos

This video provides many great opportunities to stop action and discuss each incident you see in the video, not to critique those in the video, because none of us were there at the time, but to discuss how we can prevent the same outcome from happening to ourselves and our brothers and sisters in our own department when faced with similar situations as depicted in this video.

Check out this video, share it, but most importantly, look for what situations cause these events to happen, and discuss how they can be prevented.


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