Fire Marshal

County Fire Marshal - P2425 Jimmy Zanotelli

In 2016, Jimmy Zanotelli was appointed Shasta County Fire Marshal. He served as the Shasta County Fire Safety Inspector for over 10 years after his appointment in 2005. Fire Marshal Zanotelli enforces the County's Fire Safety Standards and California Fire Code under the oversight of the County Fire Warden/SCFD Fire Chief. The Fire Marshal works in cooperation with the Shasta County Planning Division by approving commercial project plans and participating in Planning Commission meetings. Fire Marshal Zanotelli also serves as a public information officer during large fires and other news worthy events.

County Fire Safety Inspector - P2426 Scott Ross

Scott Ross was appointed to the position of Shasta County Fire Inspector in September 2016. The County Fire Inspector is responsible for plan review; on-site inspections for driveway standards; setback exception requests; commercial and residential fire sprinklers, and annual life safety fire inspections of businesses in Shasta County. The inspector also performs alarm and hydrant test inspections.

Fire Marshal's Activity - 2016

Inspections - 353
Violations - 87
Re-Inspections - 72
Exemption Requests - 59
Fire Sprinkler Acceptance Test - 156
Commercial Hood Acceptance Test - 0
Administrative Permits - 60
Parcel Maps - 5
Property Line Adjustments - 25
Use Permits - 14
Zoning Amendments - 4
Other/Misc - 7
Plan Reviews - 646

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